Hot Shit has moved

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After a long period of inactivity, Hot Shit isn’t dead. It’s just moved to here.

A paradox

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First off, I’d like to thank the guys from Elevado for making time for my class to interview and film you. We ended up doing it in front of ISP in East Atlanta and got caught in a rain shower, but that didn’t stop us from filming. Except for the rain, the most unexpected part was a guest appearance of Sarsaparilla the Dancing Gorilla, Elevado’s big blue mascot. All I knew was that I was holding the camera when one of my classmates taps me on the shoulder and up comes walking a man in a blue gorilla suit holding a briefcase. All of the Elevado and gorilla highlights and hi-jinx will be featured in the upcoming video that I’ll post on here.

Oh, the paradox of being a music blogger and a full-time student! I haven’t been to see a show in two weeks and have missed at least five good shows. This sucks. I even have to miss the Dollyrots tonight to stay home and work on my final projects. Luckily, a new month is coming up and a whole new array of show is too. For this week, you might want to go check out Luigi at the Earl on Friday, 9PM. Also, if you’re into goth/industrial, don’t miss the Cruxshadows at Dragon*Con.

Open up the airways

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Lately, I’ve been getting responses and recognition from my musicians that I’ve posted about. This is something that I and my little ol’ blog didn’t anticipate, but I think it’s really cool. Dialog is another unique aspect of having a music blog instead of a zine, which opens up new possibilities. Thanks for the props and the feedback, troubadors. Much love.

To all of you out in Champagneland, who else would you like to read about? Just so I don’t miss a thing, who else in Atlanta do you think should check out? Feel free to keep me updated on who’s coming up, too. After all, “Hot Shit” is for you and I don’t want things to be one-sided.


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Dammit! I didn’t make it to the Suburban Legends show last night. I spent a long night out fighting against the orange sea-creatures of Planet Z (and my classes ran too long), so I missed it. Fortunately, my friend and experienced show-goer Sam did go. She’ll be submitting a guest piece about the show, soon enough. This girl has been going to see live music since she was in the womb (seriously), so she knows what she’s talking about.


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This week, I won’t be covering a local band, but they are playing locally at the Masquerade. Tomorrow, Suburban Legends is here in Atlanta. I love some ska, so I’m excited about this show. If you love ska, too, go ahead and skank on out to the show. It’s their Summer Crush Tour for their new album “Infectious.”

In other ska related news, The Voodoo Glow Skulls will be here on the 26th. Unfortuately, they’ll be playing at Swayze’s. If you’re over 17, you might be mistaken for one to the parents of so many teenagers waiting for the show to end. If you’re under 17, then this is the place for you cuz it’s one of the last 18 and under venues in Atlanta. The venue sucks, but the band is skatastic. The Dollyrots are even playing there the next day. Damn you Swayze’s!

Elevado, part 2 is coming up, too. My class has the video interview with them on Wednesday at ISP

This is next month, but get your tickets now cuz the Dropkick Murphys are coming to fuck shit up on September 27th. They’ll be at the Maquerade, but tickets might sell out quick and this is a show that no punk or drunken Irishman wants to miss.

Elevado, part 1

•August 8, 2007 • 2 Comments

I just got my first live taste of Elevado at the Drunken Unicorn tonight. They’re indie rock with a pseudo-psychedelic edge and a whiny guitar that trails throughout most of their songs. Elevado is definately fun to listen to, but their live show that I just saw was a little down tempo for my taste. Maybe it was just the crowd or maybe it was how Justin Sias’s bass string broke along with several other technical problems. Despite that, Elevado is still worth checking out and I’m looking forward to next week’s interview. The founders of ISP have got to have something up their sleeve.

Getting pre-tectonic with Gondwanaland

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Like I promised, here’s a recap of last Friday’s show at Seven Stages:

Seven Stages invited a few bands to play in the front lobby. The first two bands to play were Ship to Shore and Choose Your Battle. I came to see Gondwanaland. Singer, songerwriter, basist, and guitarist Angelica is one of my friends from high school. She was actually one of the people who introduced me to the stranger side of music and has been writing twisted ballads for years. I finally got to see her play with Matt and Ryan in her latest band, Gondwanaland. Matt leads vocals and Ryan is behind them, beating wildly on drums. Their sound is hard to label. It’s definately rock. They’re self identified a “music that neanderthals would listen to”, but that doesn’t quite cover their peculiar subject matter. With titles like “Schroedinger’s Cat” and “Aphids”, Gondwanaland seems to be one of those bands that could write a song about anything. Especially because that’s what the songs are actually about, although “Satanic Giraffe” is really about a drink that Java Lords makes. They may even go from thrashing and screaming to an occasional beautiful accoustic melody. Overall, Gondwanaland isn’t even on the radar of what most current bands are doing. They’re refreshing in a post-modern, but not pretentious way.

Next week, I’ll be going to see Elevado at the Drunken Unicorn and, later, my Anthropology and Communications class is doing a video interview with the band. Prepare to get Elevado’ed!