I get my advice from the advertising world.

My cable has been out for this entire quarter. I haven’t missed it and I’m getting more work done. Just thought I’d mention that.

Kendra asked our class to write about what we want to do when we graduate from PC and, right now, I’m not even sure if I know what I’m doing here. I love going to PC and the people there, but I’m questioning if I’m going to like writing copy. This quarter, I got my first shot at writing for ads and I feel so corny doing that. It’s like I can feel my soul being sold for something I don’t believe in. It’s more painful when I have to try and convince people to buy some more crap that they don’t need, especially if the ad is for Coke or energy gum. I still really enjoy my design classes and I’m learning where my visual talents are strong. I’m a jack a many trades and maybe I’d be better suited for design. Whatever I do, I don’t want the things that I love and that make me unique to turn intimidating, again. By the time I left SCAD, I so scared, for the fear of fucking up, to pick up a pen to write or a brush to draw that I rarely did it at all. Making art and writing is fun, once again. I feel refreshed and have lots of ideas. Maybe even ones that have the potential to be as surreal and socially poignant as Vonnegut’s. I just want to know if I’m right for copywriting or if I should go a different route.

~ by Dante DeStefano on April 24, 2007.

One Response to “I get my advice from the advertising world.”

  1. advertising can certainly seem soulless at times. and perhaps it takes a certain kind of temperment to push aside those thoughts about selling junk and selling out. You’ll figure out where you fit. And whether you’re right for copywriting or design. Either is a great job – at least you seem pointed in the right direction, going to PC.

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