After calling my friends, today, I swear that, one day, everyone will just live their life from the computer and the internet. Everyone except my mom was glued to a screen. Why live your physical, real life when you can just make it up online? There’s online gaming, social networking, Second Life, eccetera. I feel disconnected from pop technology because I don’t use much of it. I have a Myspace, but I’m not living through it. Why have real friends when you can have 800 fake ones? Life is so much better when you can live it as a Palladin on WOW. Fuck, why even leave the house or have a job when you can make and spend money on Second Life?

Maybe I’m just not in on the movement, but my reason is that you get very boring. I can’t call my friends without hearing “Hold on, can I call you back? I’m finishing a mission.” Even my boyfriend has co-opted real life to be a Druid. In the past few weeks, I’ve gone over to visit friends and they can’t even pry themselves away from the screen for long enough to just chill with me. My Myspace bulletin board is bursting with mindless, unimportant shit from fuckers who don’t have a life in the first place. It’s uninspiring to talk to someone who doesn’t live out here, with me, in the physical world. If this keeps going, we’ll have a society of dullards, strapped to computer chairs. By then, I’ll have said goodbye to all of them and moved to the desert.

~ by Dante DeStefano on April 26, 2007.

One Response to “Disconnected”

  1. Before I agree wit you, I want you to know that I think Druids are super cool. But yeah, no one goes anywhere without some sort of screen that they can stare at for hours. I’m guilty of that myself with my DS lite (Ish converted me). There’s nothing to do about it except keep your own dependency superficial and wait for technology to fail.

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