New direction!

I’m taking a blogging class with Alissa Walker at Portfolio Center this quarter. Since this is so, I think my blog needs to change direction and to be more entertaining.

So, I’m changing this blog to be an interactive, fun experience. Every post, I will ask a crazy question and answer it. You can answer them, too. Just comment with your answer. You can be as crazy and out there as you want with your answers. Make it entertaining. Your answer doesn’t even have to be possible or even true. Sound fun? Let’s get asking.

Question #1
If you had to kill a mountain lion, how would you kill it and to what song would you kill it to?

If I had to kill a mountain lion, I’d eat it head first. Just swallow it whole! My theme song would be “Here I Am, Rock You Like a Hurricane” by Scorpions.
My friend Nate said that he would strap bombs to baby pandas and throw them off a helicopter at the mountain lion. This has been my favorite answer, so far. Can you think of a better way?

~ by Dante DeStefano on July 11, 2007.

One Response to “New direction!”

  1. I would jump on his back, and if that didn’t kill him instantly, I’d probably ride him around until he collapsed from exhaustion. With me on his back he’d just beg me to take him out of his misery. And so I would oblige.

    I would do all of this to the tune of Go Big Girl What You Gon Do, in fact, I live my life to this tune. It’s a catchy diddy.

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