Top Five Blogs (that I could think of right now)

This week, my blog class was assigned to post our five favorite blogs. I don’t usually read many non-personal blogs, but I’ve been meaning to.

First up is Copy Ranter is an awesome blog written by a seasoned copywriter from New York City. I like his commentary on current advertizing. He makes fun of current advertizing and, usually, it’s witty. I just like copywriters who have a sense of humor about their business and aren’t afraid to point out cliches.

A discontinued blog that I used to read was This one was all about transgender activist Morty Diamond and his year that he wore nothing but pink clothes. It was an experiment and all about gender politics and his performance art.

Here’s a pretty good craft blog: I like crafting, so I could probably get into this one. Thrift Horror is all about weird stuff that people have found at thrift stores.

The last one I could think of is silly. It’s It’s all about making fun of celebraties.

~ by Dante DeStefano on July 17, 2007.

One Response to “Top Five Blogs (that I could think of right now)”

  1. Thanks Dante for turning me on to This guy is hilarious and ads are really, really horrible!

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