Elevado, part 1

I just got my first live taste of Elevado at the Drunken Unicorn tonight. They’re indie rock with a pseudo-psychedelic edge and a whiny guitar that trails throughout most of their songs. Elevado is definately fun to listen to, but their live show that I just saw was a little down tempo for my taste. Maybe it was just the crowd or maybe it was how Justin Sias’s bass string broke along with several other technical problems. Despite that, Elevado is still worth checking out and I’m looking forward to next week’s interview. The founders of ISP have got to have something up their sleeve.

~ by Dante DeStefano on August 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Elevado, part 1”

  1. Hey Dante,
    We got mixed reviews from our friends about that show. Downtempo though? Can you explain what you mean by that? There was a major technical blunder on the part of the City of Atlanta that night. The power went out throughout Ponce de Leon during the middle of our song ‘This World is on Fire’. Did you stick around to see Untied States or Moresight? What did you think of them. They are 2 of our fvorite locals.

    Anyway, why is it you think you are interviewing us today?

  2. I think your music is great, don’t get me wrong, it was more of the crowd that was down-tempo. I should have worded it better. I think it’s great that you can still get excited and jump around on stage even though the audience may seem a little timid. Keep up the good energy!

    I’m part of Juliet Ambrosio’s class at Portfolio Center and we’ve set up a video interview with the band for Thursday (tomorrow). Not to confuse you, I’m just in the class and happen to have a local music blog, as well. Glad you found it. It’s good to have dialog with the musicians I review (it’s what sets me apart from a printed zine). Unfortunately, because I go to PC, I didn’t get to see United States or Moresight, but am looking forward to trying to catch them another time.

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