A paradox

First off, I’d like to thank the guys from Elevado for making time for my class to interview and film you. We ended up doing it in front of ISP in East Atlanta and got caught in a rain shower, but that didn’t stop us from filming. Except for the rain, the most unexpected part was a guest appearance of Sarsaparilla the Dancing Gorilla, Elevado’s big blue mascot. All I knew was that I was holding the camera when one of my classmates taps me on the shoulder and up comes walking a man in a blue gorilla suit holding a briefcase. All of the Elevado and gorilla highlights and hi-jinx will be featured in the upcoming video that I’ll post on here.

Oh, the paradox of being a music blogger and a full-time student! I haven’t been to see a show in two weeks and have missed at least five good shows. This sucks. I even have to miss the Dollyrots tonight to stay home and work on my final projects. Luckily, a new month is coming up and a whole new array of show is too. For this week, you might want to go check out Luigi at the Earl on Friday, 9PM. Also, if you’re into goth/industrial, don’t miss the Cruxshadows at Dragon*Con.

~ by Dante DeStefano on August 27, 2007.

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