Viva la Lucha!

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You have just been granted the powers of a Super Luchador. You now have the abilies a bad-ass, high flyin’ masked wrestler. Who is your inner Lucha? What’s your name? Are you friend or foe? How sweet is your mask?

Me llamo La Pinoche del Fuego. I come from the center of the earth to wreak havok on those who oppose me. I was born in a volcano. My mask has flames on it and so does the crotch of my spandex armour. My arch enemy is la Senorita Vagisila. Only she has defeated the heat of my flying kick takedown.

Top Five Blogs (that I could think of right now)

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This week, my blog class was assigned to post our five favorite blogs. I don’t usually read many non-personal blogs, but I’ve been meaning to.

First up is Copy Ranter is an awesome blog written by a seasoned copywriter from New York City. I like his commentary on current advertizing. He makes fun of current advertizing and, usually, it’s witty. I just like copywriters who have a sense of humor about their business and aren’t afraid to point out cliches.

A discontinued blog that I used to read was This one was all about transgender activist Morty Diamond and his year that he wore nothing but pink clothes. It was an experiment and all about gender politics and his performance art.

Here’s a pretty good craft blog: I like crafting, so I could probably get into this one. Thrift Horror is all about weird stuff that people have found at thrift stores.

The last one I could think of is silly. It’s It’s all about making fun of celebraties.

New direction!

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I’m taking a blogging class with Alissa Walker at Portfolio Center this quarter. Since this is so, I think my blog needs to change direction and to be more entertaining.

So, I’m changing this blog to be an interactive, fun experience. Every post, I will ask a crazy question and answer it. You can answer them, too. Just comment with your answer. You can be as crazy and out there as you want with your answers. Make it entertaining. Your answer doesn’t even have to be possible or even true. Sound fun? Let’s get asking.

Question #1
If you had to kill a mountain lion, how would you kill it and to what song would you kill it to?

If I had to kill a mountain lion, I’d eat it head first. Just swallow it whole! My theme song would be “Here I Am, Rock You Like a Hurricane” by Scorpions.
My friend Nate said that he would strap bombs to baby pandas and throw them off a helicopter at the mountain lion. This has been my favorite answer, so far. Can you think of a better way?

It was Pride!

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It’s time to dump all the shit that happened this past week into my blog.

And what a week it was! The first part of it was spent with Mac and Jaime. They have a new place not too far away from the old one. It’s not Apartment 69 anymore, but it’s a really nice house. They can’t wait to get settled in. (House warming party!)

On Friday, I met up with Heather at Pride. We were there for only a couple hours before we went to pick up Ben and all three of us went to see the Zebrahead show at Center Stage. Zebrahead rocked my face off. Not many people came, probably because The Casualties were playing at the Masquerade that same night, but it was a good show. The pit was alright, too. There was also this band called Stereosonic that played and they were really good. They had a song about how much Ashley Simpson sucks. I’ll support that!
After the show, we were so beat that we couldn’t make it back to Pride. So we came back to my place and had a Monty Python marathon.

The next day, Ben and I went to derby practice. We’re both getting better and trying to make it to practice every week. We went yesterday, too. I passed the time trial! Twenty laps in five minutes. Now, if I can only get pivoting down. Ayanna and Ish’s baby shower was after practice. It was great to see them. Ayanna looks like she’s about to pop.
Saturday night was my drag number with Jae at My Sister’s Room. We did great! I was topless, at one point, with pasties shaped like boy scout crosses. It was wrong. And it was great seeing all my friends who showed up or performed. Ben even came to support me.

On Sunday, I sweated on YP’s Pride parade float as Mr. YP 2007. Being on the float was fun, but waiting in the heat for the parade to start was where most of my time at Pride was spent.

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Yet again, I was so exhausted after it was over that I just went home and recovered before I went to the all-star ARG bout. They played against the Rocky Mountain Fight Club girls and it was brutal! There were more penalties than points in that bout. I even got to go to the after party with Sam and not have to worry about getting home to work on projects. I didn’t even have to worry about dropping my dad’s car off because he gave me the best birthday present ever: his car. I’m still in shock. That’s my favorite car I’ve ever driven. It’s a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid and I take care of that thing like it’s the Holy Grail. It’s my baby and will last me forever. I even learned how to drive in that car.

Yesterday was tough. Chris Benoi, Ben’s wrestling trainer and friend, died. They say that he committed suicide and murdered his wife and son. In Peachtree City, no less! He sounded like a really nice guy who wouldn’t do anything like that. It’s very strange. Ben was really shaken up.

Other than that stuff, my birthday is this Sunday! Come out to SkinTwo at WetBar on Saturday night to celebrate with me. I’ll be there at midnight.

Also, I’m trying to get rid of my couch. It’s too big for my apartment, but really comfy and in good condition. Anybody want a couch?

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Gettin’ a little Country with Chris Unck and the Black Roses

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I just got home from a random rondevu to see Chris Unck and the Black Roses at Olde Smith’s Bar with my friend Marc. I don’t usually listen to country, but coming from the leading man of Sold Out and also many other inspirational solo pieces, I’m in love with his new sound. Think Tom Wait’s early stuff, like Closing Time and Heart of Saturday Night, but less jazzy. It was just a year ago when I met Chris, just chilling with him and Marc at Paper Street/585, watching Wonder Showzen and drinking PBR. I had no idea that he was such an awesome musician until Marc played some of his solo stuff on the drive home. His new album “Country Roads and Love” is soulful and full of gritty, but beautiful music. Chris has proved to be a versatile musician, able to transcend from Rock-n-Roll to Country without losing any spirit that he had before. Anyways, “Country Roads” is worth a listen. The 585 may be dead, but the music lives on.


The end is near!

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I just had my Emotive Type II critique. I’m really excited about how my work is going. I can feel it getting better and I’m even becoming a better concepter and artist because of that class. My crafting and execution needs work. I want to take Book Making so those skills will improve. In my critique, my peers told me to stop using black (and pink) so much. They want to see me using bright, happy colors and I know the raver in me can help with that. So, over the break, I need to burst out of the black box with a rainbow of color, in my work and my life. Also, I’m going to try to be neater. My work is so messy, so I’ll clean it and my apartment up. I’m going to try to be a neat person. Let’s see how that goes. It’s time to shake shit up and break the mold.

W4W II Critique in an hour! Then, only one more critique tomorrow.

Maxim is feeling jew-cy

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Sarah Silverman is the cover girl in Maxim this month. In a gorilla suit, no less. It’s great that a comic like her made the cover of a sex appeal magazine like Maxim. Yes, she’s hot, but she’s not out there as a sex symbol and she’s funny as hell. Her comedy may not have a message, but this says something. Congratulations, Maxim, you put someone interesting in your magazine.


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I just sent in my Writing for the Web II final drafts of articles for GolfPunk! The end of this quarter is so near that I could slap it. My radio spots are in their final stages, too. I feel a lot better about the end of this quarter than the last one.

Head explodey!

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I’ve been working all day. Too much walking. My poster is done! I just came home from working at PC for about four hours. I love it when school stays open until 2AM. I should bring a sleeping bag and just live there. I walked in the door to my apartment really aggravated from all the work and a cup of coffee, then my boyfriend called and pissed me off even more. I feel so cracked out, but all of my projects are underway. I think I’m going to crash for a bit before I do something stupid.

Studio Week

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It’s the end of the quarter, again. I feel pretty good about my writing projects. At least I know that my work is improving. I figured out that I’m not so much afraid of making ads, I’m afraid of making bad ads. I talked with Mimi, one of my teachers, about this. She says that bad ads are all lies and that I shouldn’t ever have to work for a company or firm that wants me to lie. I wouldn’t want to, anyways. Her class was tough, but I made it through. I’m at Portfolio Center to learn how to make good work, whatever it is. I can’t wait to get a job when I finish the program.
I’ve got a lot of work to do, today. I better get to it.